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2 Responses to trafficswarm

  • Tim Daniels says:

    Hi,I just recently got involved with the exploding mobile app industry.
    I’ve been placing ads but I am not getting the sign ups that I thought I would.
    Any sugestions?
    Thanks Tim

    • Gregory says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your question. What business model are you using, ie. MLM, direct marketing, affiliate marketing? It might be that you need to lead with an inexpensive or even free product, and promote your primary product or opportunity on the back end. Your website looks polished, but I’m fairly certain there are hundreds, if not thousands of other replicated sites that are identical to it. Why would I want to purchase from you, and not from one of the others? Just a question you might want to keep in mind.

      Also, keep your target market in mind. Are you looking to promote to fellow network marketers? Are they likely to be lurking about where your ads are? If not, why are you posting ads there?

      I’m guessing you’re using Trafficswarm, and that’s a great place to find leads. Keep in mind, however, what kind of person is surfing Trafficswarm, and all traffic exchanges, for that matter.

      Most of us are fellow business owners trying to get traffic to our own sites. Those who are surfing probably have limited budgets, otherwise they would just purchase credits.

      Also, of the people who are surfing, most aren’t looking to join a business at this time, or even purchase a product. They are already business owners with their own products.

      So, what might they be looking for? Information that will help them build their business more efficiently. If you can present them with that, you’ve got them.

      How do you do that? By giving them something of value for free. That’s right, just give it away.

      My ebook covers this more in detail.

      Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me again if you have any more questions. You can even call me at the number below, if you like.