The Tom Brady Method of Marketing Your Homebased Business

homebased businessI watched the football game between the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49er’s last night.

Tom Brady, the Patriots’ quarterback impressed me.

Even though they were down 28-3, Brady never lost his composure. Where younger, lesser experienced quarterbacks would be visibly whining on the sidelines, Brady remained solid.

When the Patriots mounted a rally in the 4th Quarter, it looked like they were going to make a huge comeback and win. Everyone from the announcers to the players on the field, it seemed, turned to Brady.

His offense almost revered him, while San Francisco’s defense felt fear, especially after the comeback began.

Brady himself never changed. Warming up on the sidelines, his focus remained fixed on playing the best game he could. He didn’t have to tell anyone that. It was obvious.

Brady is the kind of guy people would follow into combat. He’s what we would call an Alpha. We just feel he naturally makes the right moves, and anybody close to him benefits from the experience.

You need this mindset when marketing your homebased business. Without it, it’s impossible to build trust with others. Honestly, the only true entrepreneurs out there are Alphas. Everyone else is just faking it.

To attract others to you, which is a must if your homebased business is to succeed, you have to offer value to others. In the past, physical strength was enough, so our ancient ancestors flocked around the biggest, strongest male for protection.

In your homebased business, your value is knowledge. Your first task is to acquire that knowledge, then give it away to others. You do this with articles, blog posts, and videos.

But being an Alpha takes more than just knowledge.

To attract others to you and your homebased business, you’ve got to have the right attitude. What am I talking about?

Well, you’re not begging anybody to buy your stuff or join your business. You don’t waste your precious time with people who are negative, or who have no interest in joining your business.

You call the shots. You tell others how it is. You don’t hesitate walking away from people you know would not benefit you or your homebased business.

This kind of confidence is irresistible to others.

Attraction is not a choice, and you can use this mindset to build your homebased business as big as you choose.

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