The Ray Lewis Guide To Finding MLM Prospects

mlm prospectsRay Lewis, probably the best linebacker to ever play football, announced his retirement yesterday.

The game will honestly never be the same.

And it’s not just Ray’s football playing that will be missed. If you’ve ever heard him give one of his motivational speeches, you know what I’m talking about.

Heck, the guy makes me want to get off my lazy butt and get onto the field.

A lot of what Ray says, though, can be transposed to other areas of life. When he talks about playing your heart out and nothing else matters, can’t you see how that might translate into working your network marketing business?

When he says, “Respect is earned . . . It ain’t given to no damn body,” I think about how I can earn that respect as a network marketer.

Finding MLM prospects to join your business means earning that kind of respect. It means showing others what kind of person you are, being transparent. To do that, you’re probably going to have to go through some sort of transformation.


Because most of us spend our lives playing some kind of role. We play the role of employee, spouse, parent, or any one of hundreds of roles. Many times, we can’t let our true selves shine through.

Earning respect from MLM prospects means letting that self shine through, but making sure that self is attractive to others.

This is something you can’t fake.

So, where do you find these MLM prospects? Several ways, actually. I’m going to share three of them with you right now.

You can buy your MLM prospects.

When you purchase opportunity leads, you never really know what you’re getting. I’ve sat down to dial, and out of 25 leads, 9 might sound promising.

On the other hand, I’ve dialed hundreds of leads at a single sitting, and found nobody that I would consider a serious MLM prospect.

There are network marketers out there, however, who have built fortunes this way. It’s never really worked for me, but this is one method of MLM sponsoring that some swear by.

I’m not advising you to do this, nor am I advising you not to do this. I would recommend, however, that you at least give it a try. You never know, once you get through the initial terror of making those first few dials, you might discover you’re good at it, and this just might be your favorite method of network marketing prospecting.

When marketing this way, it’s important to look at it as a numbers game. Every time one of your MLM prospects responds a certain way, be sure to track it.

This way, prospecting almost becomes a science. What am I talking about?

Well, let’s say you made 500 dials in a week. Out of those 500 dials, eleven people sounded receptive and agreed to check out your video online, and show up for the follow up appointment you set.

Of those eleven, only four answered the phone for the follow up call, and of those four, one joined your business.

Here’s how the numbers, then, play out. For every 500 calls you make, you recruit one person.

Now, honestly, you’ll need much bigger numbers than just 500, but you understand where I’m coming from. You may need to make 5,000 calls before you can accurately predict how many you need to make to recruit one person.

Another way to find MLM prospects is to attract them.

Attraction marketing can be contrasted to cold calling by thinking about the difference between hunting and fishing. The hunter goes into the woods looking for game.

The fisherman, on the other hand, uses bait and waits for the fish to come to him.

Attraction marketing is a lot like fishing. The type of fish you attract depends on the kind of bait you use.

What am I talking about?

Well, with attraction marketing, we attract the ideal MLM prospects by providing something that they’re looking for. That something is information.

I should preface, however, by asking the question, “What kind of person do we want to attract? What kinds of people make perfect MLM prospects?”

Think about this. When you call opportunity leads, you’re calling everybody from truck drivers to stay at home moms, college students to downsized business executives.

Some might be MLM prospects, but most won’t.

When you mention MLM or network marketing to most of them, they’re going to bolt. They’ve heard all about those “Pyramid Schemes,” and they want nothing to do with it.

You’re definitely going to hear, “Take me off your list!!,” more than a few times, believe me.

If you’ve done cold calling at all, I’ll bet you’re smiling right now . . . Did you think you were the only one this happened to?

What kind of person wouldn’t say such a thing? What kind of person believes in network marketing, and would love to build a successful network marketing business?

Why other network marketers, of course. They truly are perfect MLM prospects.

They are your fish. You feed them by giving them information about how to build successful network marketing businesses. You prove to them with your blog, videos, articles, and a whole slew of other weapons you have at your disposal, thanks to the internet, that you know what you’re talking about. Be consistent, and be confident.

If you do this right, your nets will be full of just the right kind of fish.

Another way of finding MLM prospects is by targeting professional people.

When I say “professional people,” I’m talking about real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial consultants, and the like. Most wouldn’t think of these as being ideal MLM prospects, but these are people who already have a mindset of success. They are motivated to succeed.

When looking at professionals as MLM prospects, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

The wrong way is to call them up and say, “I’m in a network marketing company that sells awesome vitamins that cure cancer and blindness. Would you like to join?”

What would most professionals tell you if you said that? You guessed it. “Take me off your list!”

Here’s the right way:

Search the internet for say, real estate professionals. When you find a website that looks successful, call up the agent. Say, “Hi, is this Sally? Hi Sally, this is John Smith calling from Chicago. I was just doing an online search for realtors in the Lexington area and I found your website.

“In fact, I’m looking at your smiling face right now. The reason I’m calling is that I own a business here in Chicago, and I’m looking to expand into the Lexington area. I just have one question for you. Do you keep your options open at all in terms of earning income outside of what you’re already doing in real estate?”

That’s pretty much it. If she says Yes, send her to your website, send her your company’s DVD, or whatever the next step is for your company.

I usually don’t do follow up calls with professionals because I find most of them are motivated sufficiently enough that, if they’re interested at all, they’ll get back with you.

If you’d like to know more about attracting the ideal MLM prospects to you, just fill out the form below and you’ll get immediate access to my free ebook, “7 Steps to Attracting Prospects.”

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