The Lance Armstrong Guide to MLM Prospecting

mlm prospectingIf you haven’t yet heard, Lance Armstrong finally admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times.

After the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released a damning 1,000 page report that accused him of masterminding a long-running doping scheme, he lost all his endorsements, and was forced to leave Livestrong, the charity he founded.

I’ve got to admit; I believed Lance when he said he didn’t use drugs. He fooled me with his sincerity.

I have to ask myself, however, that if I were in the same position, would I take performance-enhancing drugs.

I mean, for many years, Armstrong was the epitome of the word, “hero.” Now that he’s fallen from grace, I wonder if it was all worth it.

If you could take a pill to vastly improve your MLM prospecting, would you do it?

If you knew it would put you onstage with the likes of Eric Worre, Mike Dillard, and Ann Sieg, if only for a while, would you swallow that pill?

I know many people would. Fortunately, doing drugs is not necessary to win the Tour de France of MLM prospecting.

Just hard work, and an openness to learning new things.

If you’re serious about building a large business, MLM prospecting should be your number one activity. That means focusing on talking to as many people as humanly possible.

There are right ways and wrong ways to do that, however.

I would advise you, contrary to what your company, and maybe even your sponsor has told you, not to immediately start telling people about your business. Why?

Because, just like competing in the Tour de France, you’ve got to train.

Contrary to many misconceptions, MLM prospecting doesn’t come naturally to most people.

Sure, your company tells you rinky-dink stuff like, “We’re just telling, not selling.”

What a load of crap.

If you’re going to do MLM prospecting the right way, you’ve got to study. A lot. Fortunately, there are many free resources online. These include videos, podcasts, blog posts, articles, and a whole lot more.

Purchasing MLM prospecting training from somebody who is a master, however, will many times give you their closely-guarded secrets that you can’t get anywhere else.

Think of it this way: A doctor spends many, many years in school and earns a comfortable six figure salary. MLM prospecting, when properly done, can earn you many times that amount in just a couple of years.

But do you honestly think you can do that without studying? Get real.

The biggest hurdle most people come up against when MLM prospecting is finding enough people to talk to. There are many, many ways to do this.

The first method is also the most obvious, and the method almost every network marketing company teaches. Make a list. Simple, right?

Just take out a piece of paper or open a Word document, and start writing down the names of everybody you know.

Then, call them up. Now, here’s where your network marketing company fails you. Why?

Well, they’ll tell you to say stuff like, “Hi Bob. I found this awesome business opportunity I’d love to share with you. It’s called . . .”

Do you see how phoney that sounds?

No wonder so many network marketers are failing. You can still make this method of MLM prospecting work for you, however. Just don’t do it that way.

When talking with people from your list, keep the conversation as natural as possible. Check out this conversation:

“Hi Bob, how’s it going?”

“I’m great, Henry. How’s things with you?”

“Never been better. Maggie and the kids doing OK?”

“Yea, we’re all good. Just a little stressed. Maggie’s been sick, so she hasn’t been working a lot, and they cut my hours last week.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Listen Bob, I found something that might help. I mean, it might not be for you, but it’s bringing me in some extra money. If you’d be open to taking a look at it, I can shoot you over a link to the website . . .”

Now, can you tell the difference between the conversations above? In the second conversation, I discovered a possible need.

I say “possible,” because there are many ways Bob might respond. He might say, “It’s not one of those pyramid things, is it?” in which case he immediately disqualifies himself.

Depending on your relationship with him, however, he might respond with, “Sure, send me the link and I’ll take a look at it.”

The trick is to uncover a need. If there’s no genuine need, then you should never mention your business opportunity.

At least that’s been my experience.

Outside of making a list, another potent form of MLM prospecting is to buy leads.

Lots of marketers build hugely successful businesses this way.

The trick here is knowing what to say before the MLM prospect answers the phone, and how you’re going to respond when they say certain things.

This comes with practice.

You need to start with a script. This doesn’t need to be a fancy, long drawn out piece of work. In fact, I keep mine very short. This is my entire beginning script:

“Hi. Is this Bob? Hi Bob, this is Gregory McGuire, calling from Nashville, Tennessee, and I was calling because you had been on one of my websites recently looking for information about starting a home based business. Are you still looking to do that?”

That’s it. From there, I’ll ask a few qualifying questions and, if I feel the prospect is a fit for my business, I’ll send them to my company’s MLM prospecting video and schedule a follow up call.

These are just a couple of MLM prospecting methods. There are many others. Personally, I prefer attraction marketing, where the MLM prospect comes to you, without you chasing them down.

To learn more about MLM prospecting this way, enter your information below, and you’ll have immediate access to my ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects.”

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