MLM Tips For The Drunk Network Marketer

mlm tipsThis guy annoyed the hell out of me.

In 1994 Steve, a professional comedian friend of mine invited me to his birthday party in Nashville. He was Jewish, as were many of his friends and well, all of his family.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been around Jewish people a lot, but let me tell you, they are hilarious! I’ve never in my life been around so many funny people as that night.

Even when they weren’t trying to be funny they cracked me up. One guy told a joke, and I think I erupted in laughter three times before he even got to the punch line.

But then, there always has to be that one, doesn’t there?

I don’t know where he came from or how he knew my friend. I don’t think he was Jewish, either. I only knew one thing about him.

He was obnoxious. I think his name was Randy.

I’m sure you’ve probably seen people like Randy at parties. Whatever happened to you, his story topped it. He knew everything there was to know about . . . well, everything.

While I talked with Steve’s sister, Rachel, Randy strolled over to join the conversation. It wasn’t long before he’d hijacked it.

Then he made the mistake of asking me what I was drinking.

“Wine,” I said. I noticed he was, too, only his glass contained ice, and he was holding it by the bowl, not the stem. I waited for him to step in it, and he did.

“Me too. Vintage 1992, California Chardonnay. This particular wine . . .”

He blathered on for a while, obviously trying to impress. He didn’t know who he was talking to.

While I’m certainly no expert on wine, in fact, I rarely drink alcohol, I do read a lot. And, since I’d found myself in similar situations in the past, I was well-read on wine.

Randy obviously wasn’t.

“Chardonnay’s are OK, but I prefer the Cabernet. When you think about the structure and the smoothing process, there’s really no comparison. I don’t particularly care much for wines that are buttery and round.”

I rambled on and on about Bordeaux, using terms like fruity, earthy, and even jammy. I compared the differences between New World and Old World.

Randy tried to keep up, but eventually changed the subject and excused himself.

I mention this story because many network marketers remind me of Randy. Not that they’re annoying, but they try to come off as experts when it’s so obvious they’re not.

I mean, it’s cool to posture yourself as an expert, but that should never include lying about your methods or your results.

Like the guy I met on Facebook who told me he sponsored 20 plus people last week, just by posting links on Facebook and Twitter. I genuinely felt sorry for him.

To keep you from being like Randy or the guy on Facebook, here are some MLM tips that can help you build a business, not just pretend like you know what you’re talking about.

MLM Tips #1: Don’t lead with your primary business

This is one of those MLM tips your company won’t tell you about. If you listen to your company training only, you’re probably going to believe your MLM success relies solely on telling people about the company’s products and business opportunity.

This is one reason our industry suffers from such a high failure rate.

The only kind of MLM tips offered by most companies are ineffectual at best. You’re told to go tell the world about these products and this business opportunity, and people will just magically see the big picture and want to be a part of it.

Imagine how you feel when you tell people about your business and they laugh at you. Or hang up on you.

This is the reality most MLM companies choose to ignore. This is also the reason most MLM distributors quit before they even make a dime.

The solution? Promote a free product of your own that’s full of MLM tips or a funded proposal on the front end, and your primary business on the back end.

If you market these products to fellow network marketers, your chances of success go way up.

MLM Tips #2: Be picky

Hey, you’re not begging people to join your business here. You’re offering people a chance for a better life. If they don’t see that, that’s their problem, not yours.

This is another one of those MLM tips your company probably won’t bring up. They’ll instead talk about objection-handling and other ridiculous nonsense.

Personally, when I talk with a potential prospect on the phone and hear a hint of negativity, I end the conversation as soon as possible.

This is called posturing, and it’s one of the most potent MLM tips you’ll ever receive. I wish someone had told me this years ago.

MLM Tips #3: Set an example

When dealing with your downline, words only go so far. If you truly expect them to succeed, you’ve got to lead. The only way to lead is by example.

People are very different, and will have different strengths and weaknesses. Some will excel on the phone, where many fall short. Some will be excellent copywriters, where some can barely spell “D.O.G.”

A true MLM leader identifies strengths and helps her downline focus on those strengths.

To learn more MLM tips that can help you explode your business, be sure to fill out the form below to get access to my ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects.”

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