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Gregory McGuireMartian by birth, I was raised by Buddhist monks in the Himalayas. I’ve fooled most Earthlings into believing I’m one of them. Only my dogs know the truth.

My favorite monk was named Damu. I learned so much from him. He always knew the best places to pick up chicks.

All the other monks secretly envied him. I remember the day he told me the secret of life.

We had been smoking hashish all day, and he got a look in his eyes I’d not seen before. “The secret to everything is Tofu!” he exclaimed.

It made perfect sense to me. My life was forever changed. Who would have thought it? Damu was later killed by Kwi Chang Cain.

When I left the Himalayas, I traveled to America. After playing in a hard rock band throughout the 1980′s, I discovered network marketing.

I found it to be a most awesome business model, in that I could apply the kind teachings of the monks to helping other people build their business.

I must say, I’ve done pretty well for a Martian who was raised in Nepal.

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