3 MLM Tips That Rock

MLM Tips I Wish I’d Learned Sooner

I recently spent a few days with a friend of mine who takes seven different medications every day.

He takes sommlm tipse of them only once a day, others a couple times a day, while he takes some four times every day. And you know what?

He never misses a dose. He knows exactly when it’s time to take his pills, and he does this every single day, regardless of what else is going on in his life.

One day I asked him, “How do you manage to keep up with all of them?”

His answer nearly floored me.

“The doctor told me if I didn’t take them exactly as prescribed, I would die. In fact, with my condition, missing just one dose could be fatal.”

I thought about that, and how it applies to network marketing. So many times I’ve heard marketers say, “I just didn’t have time to work on my business a lot this week.”

Let me ask you a question: If your life depended on your writing a blog post or calling 50 people a day, do you think you would find a way to do it?

If you don’t have this sense of urgency, all the MLM tips in the universe won’t help you, and my advice to you would be quit this industry right now. Just call your company HQ or whatever it is you’ve got to do, and stop wasting your money and lying to yourself.

If you’re not in 100%, you’re not in at all.

Once you’ve decided to go all out, to honestly give this business all you’ve got, here are some MLM tips to keep in mind.

MLM Tip #1: Attitude is everything.

This is one of those MLM tips you don’t hear a lot about. Sure, you’ve heard the fluff about having a positive attitude and believing in yourself, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Not even close . . .

What I’m talking about is having the attitude of a leader. And what kind of attitude is that?

Well, leaders don’t need anybody to join them. Others need to join leaders for their own reasons.

The leader makes herself so valuable that others would be crazy not to want to follow her. She studies and learns what it takes to be successful, and freely shares that knowledge through MLM tips and techniques with others.

When she prospects, she does so with an attitude of detachment. Her goal is to disqualify as many people as possible in her search for a gold nugget or two.

If someone shows the slightest negativity, she walks away. She knows what kind of person she’s looking for, and what kind she’s not.

She won’t settle for less.

This is probably one of the most potent MLM tips you’ll ever receive.

Always detach yourself from the outcome. Begging and pleading is for the weak.

MLM tip #2: Massive results require massive action

Having the right attitude also means taking massive action. This is one of those MLM tips that reminds me of when I worked as a personal trainer.

I wouldn’t let my clients stop after six reps when I knew they could get seven. If someone could run three miles, I’d push them to four.

It’s only in this way you will achieve massive results in your business. Yes, you could stop after making just 15 calls, but why not push yourself to 30, or even 40?

Another attitude to help build your business is that of hunger. You’ve got to stay hungry, especially when it comes to learning new ways to promote your business and in the area of personal development.

Contentment is the enemy. You’ve got to constantly strive to make yourself better in every way possible.

MLM tip #3: Brand yourself

You won’t hear MLM tips like this coming from your company, or even your sponsor. To them, everything is about the company and its products.

Never mind that some companies won’t even let you mention their products on the internet. But that’s OK because, even if they did, you wouldn’t want to anyway.

You see, the real product you’re promoting is not your company, your products, or even financial freedom.

What am I talking about?

Well, let’s say you told me the number one thing you’re promoting is your company’s products. Tell me this, then . . . There are literally thousands, if not millions, of other distributors out there selling the exact same products.

Why would I want to buy from you and not them?

Do you see where I’m going? So your product is yourself. What you’ve got to do is to make that product shine.

You do this by studying courses, knowing what works in network marketing and what doesn’t work, and then sharing those MLM tips with others.

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