3 Extremely Deadly MLM Secrets You Must Know

mlm secretsYou probably won’t hear this from your company or upline.

These MLM secrets aren’t taught by sponsors, and you won’t find them in your company handbook.

Yet, without these MLM strategies, you have almost zero chance of building a successful network marketing business.

MLM Secret #1: It’s not about your company or your products

The first of the MLM secrets you need to know about is quite possibly the most important. If you listen to the training from your company, you probably believe your MLM product or products are all that really matter.

All you have to do is to share your products with others, and they will just magically buy them and join your business. Tell your family and friends, throw parties, and watch your profits soar.

Don’t get me wrong; the effectiveness of your products is very important. So is the reputation and compensation plan of your company. But that’s not the main thing.

MLM secrets that will really make your business take off are barely taught. What are these MLM secrets? If it’s not about your company or products, then what is it about?

Your real product is you. You are the real reason people join your business. Regardless of what you’re told, people don’t join your company, they join you.

If that’s the case, then you’ve got to make yourself the best product you possibly can. This means you’ve got to study.

Two of the best MLM secrets that your sponsor or company won’t tell you about are Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard and the Renegade Network Marketer by Ann Sieg.

Together, these books are a must for any beginning network marketer. If you’re looking for a free resource, check out my free ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects.”

MLM Secret #2: Hang around successful people

If you’re not successful, a big reason for that is probably the company you keep. Yes, it’s more comfortable hanging with your friends, but are you learning how to be successful?

This is one of those MLM secrets that seems subtle, but is very powerful. We usually pick up the habits and thought patterns of the people we associate with.

If you practice the same habits that successful people have, then eventually your life will change for the better. If you do what the successful people do, eventually you will have what the successful people have.

What can you do, though, if there are no successful people to hang out with? Simple. Surround yourself with books written by successful people.

One of the most effective MLM secrets I can give you is that reading books by successful people can be almost as powerful as direct contact with a real person.

MLM Secret #3: Your comfort zone is the dead zone

The truth is, nothing happens until you get off your butt and do something. You can learn and talk about all the MLM secrets and techniques, you want. You can throw the term “Attraction Marketing” around like you really know what it means.

But without action, your life is going to stay pretty much the way it is right now.

Most of this action, by the way, is outside the bounds of what you feel comfortable doing. If it feels unnatural to you, good. That’s the way it’s supposed to feel.

Cold calling is an example. I recommend you do it on a regular basis. Why? Can you really recruit people that way?

Well, yes, you can. Lots of network marketers look at cold calling as one of the ultimate MLM secrets that can make you rich.

I tried cold calling. In fact, I called over 300 people a week for over 90 days. Guess how many people I recruited.


But, it was a very uncomfortable experience at first. I say at first, because there came a point where it became very comfortable. I had to push myself to that point.

I stopped making cold calls, not because I felt uncomfortable doing it, but because it started to feel like a waste of my time. I was convinced I could spend my time more productively.

Still, I recommend cold calling, at least for a while. You’ll be surprised how it can build your confidence.

Another of the MLM secrets for breaking out of your comfort zone is to learn about technology.

I’m amazed at the number of people who say they’re “technologically challenged” like they should get a badge for it or something.

The world is changing. If you don’t keep up with the latest tools and tricks, you’re going to get left behind.

Then I always hear the argument, “But network marketing is a people business.” Yes, it is. And where are you going to connect with more likeminded people – in the grocery store checkout line, or on Facebook?

I rest my case. If you don’t know about things like capture pages, autoresponders, or blogs, I’d suggest you get busy and learn right away.

Some people, however, use these MLM secrets to go the opposite direction, and never talk to anybody directly, or even on the phone.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. If you think you’re going to build a huge downline without talking to anybody, you’re fooling yourself.

If you find yourself thinking this way, my advice would be to practice striking up conversations with complete strangers. This can be anywhere.

You don’t even necessarily have to talk about your business. Just walk up to somebody you don’t know and ask them a question, or make a comment.

You can also do this on online. Find a random Facebook or Twitter friend, and just say, “Hi, how’s it going?” It’s a great way to connect.

I’ve even talked to some MLM rockstars this way. I find them to be extremely approachable, and helpful.

If you’d like to know more MLM secrets, enter your information into the form below, and you’ll be given immediate access to my free ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects.”

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