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Killer Asteroids, Solar Flares, and MLM Training

mlm trainingMLM Training

As I write this, the TV and internet buzz with news of the meteorite that exploded over Russia a couple days ago. Interesting, since the asteroid DA14 streaks within 17,000 miles over our heads in just a couple days.

Scientists also say the sun’s activity is due to significantly increase this year, which means a solar flare could almost instantly turn the Earth into a lifeless rock.

And just like that lifeless rock floating through space, if you follow the typical MLM training that most companies provide you, your business will be just as dead.

What am I talking about?

Well, what’s the first piece of MLM training the company gives you? You’re told to make a list of all the people you know, call them up to sell them products or recruit them into your business.

Here’s my own experience when I did that:

The first people I approached were my parents. I showed them the little chart the company provided me, I told them how long the company had been around, how awesome the products were, and how the compensation plan worked.

All the stuff I’d learned in my recent MLM training sessions.

mlm trainingWhen I finished, my mom looked over at Dad, then back to me.

“Do you remember when you had that paper route, and you lost it because you couldn’t get up on time every morning? How is this any different?”

Then my dad chimed in: “I hear the mill is now hiring. Your cousin Don’s making really good money working there, benefits and all. You should go fill out an application there, and forget about all this pyramid stuff.”

How do you think that made me feel? Think I wanted to quit? My MLM training hadn’t prepared me for this. I was told everybody would see the big picture and jump right in.

What’s more, after the humiliation of approaching my parents, the next golden MLM training nugget my upline told me was to buy expensive leads and call them up.

I really wanted to be successful, so I did just that.

After spending about ten dollars per lead for the super-duper, ultra premium lead package, I knew I’d succeed. I mean, after all, my MLM training told me that these were people who’d raised their hands, wanting more information about working from home . . . right?


Imagine how I felt when most of these people didn’t even answer the phone, and the first one who did said something like, “I didn’t request no information. Now take me off your damn list.”

Something else my company-provided, MLM training didn’t prepare me for. I paid ten bucks a name for people like this?

I wasted an enormous amount of money talking to people who had no business working for themselves. Not only money, but I wasted precious time I could have been doing something much more productive.

I’ve got to be honest here, however: Some people use these techniques with great success. In fact, some of the biggest names in MLM built their entire downlines by cold calling only.

I can only tell you what has worked for me, however, and this type of marketing definitely isn’t it.

In fact, this type of MLM training can cause all but the most serious people to quit at this point, convinced that MLM is a scam. I know, because I was one of them.

It wasn’t until I discovered Mike Dillard’s MLM training system called Magnetic Sponsoring things started working for me. This was my first exposure to a little thing called “attraction marketing.”

The concept behind attraction marketing is, like the name implies, to attract prospects to you, rather than you chasing them down. There is an art to this, but it’s the most effective MLM training I’ve come across.

How does it work? Well, for starters, you don’t promote your primary company upfront. Instead, you lead with a generic product, like an ebook, video series, or special report, and promote your MLM opportunity on the back end.

Also, despite what your company’s MLM training says, everybody is not a prospect for your business. So who are your prospects, and where do you find them?

Ironically, your ideal prospects are other network marketers. These are the people who understand and appreciate the network marketing business model.

They’re not going to ask you, “Is this one of those pyramid things?” And you’re not going to get frustrated and quit your business because you’re sick of following useless MLM training with little or no results. mlm training

So how do you approach network marketers, since most are in other companies? To find out, enter your information below to get access to my free ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects.”