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MLM Sponsoring Secret #1: Attract The Right People To You

mlm sponsoringMLM sponsoring is hard.

At least that’s what the article I read yesterday told me. The author started talking about approaching people in public, presenting to your family and friends, and calling leads from a purchased list.

If this is how he’s building his business then I can certainly understand why he believes MLM sponsoring is so hard.

Don’t get me wrong. You can build a huge business using these techniques. In fact, many gurus will tell you to forget about blogs and list-building when you first join your business, and focus exclusively on these kinds of MLM sponsoring methods.

And I guess there’s some wisdom to that. I can only speak from personal experience, though, and I’ve tried those techniques, and they just plain don’t work for me.

Yes, I’ve purchased scripts from the best in the business. I’ve rehearsed these scripts to where I can say them in my sleep.

If you’re like me, and these things don’t work for you, my next three blog posts share some MLM sponsoring secrets I’ve come across that actually do work for me. Maybe they’ll work for you, too.

MLM Sponsoring Tip #1: Attract the right kind of people

While this might sound obvious, so many network marketers are trying to attract everybody, which is a recipe for failure. Honestly, most people out there aren’t going to be a fit for your business.

Despite their moaning and complaining, most are quite comfortable working to make someone else rich.

Here’s an MLM sponsoring exercise for you to do:

Think about the kind of person who would be ideal in your business. The kind of person you would feel comfortable talking with, maybe even going to lunch with.

In short, somebody you’d be happy to call your friend.

Really think about this. What makes them laugh? What motivates them? What are their interests?

Make a list of qualities that the person you want to attract to your business should have.

Now, when you’re out in public and you get the chance to talk to somebody with MLM sponsoring in mind, take a look around. Does anybody around you look like the person you’d like to have in your downline?

If not, keep your mouth shut and don’t talk to anybody. If so, strike up a conversation with that person, feeling out the water.

Be careful here, though. Now is not the time to give a business presentation. What’s the right way to approach this person if you feel they might be a fit for your business?


Just ask them, “You seem really sharp. Do you keep your options open in terms of making money outside of what you’re now doing?”

This is, quite possibly, the perfect question to ask when you’re focusing on MLM sponsoring. Why?

Nobody wants to be perceived as close-minded. Most people like to think they’re open to just about anything.

If they really are the type of person you’re looking for, whatever you do, don’t get stuck presenting your business at this point. If they say, “Yes,” you need to say something like this:

“Cool. Look, I’ve got to run, but if I could get your phone number I can tell you more about it,” or, “Awesome. Hey, I’m running late, but here’s my card. If you’d like to know more about what I’m doing, give me a call.”

And please, don’t approach just anybody and start talking about your business. It creates an embarrassing, uncomfortable situation for your victim and for yourself. There are easier ways of MLM sponsoring.

So, how do you attract the right kind of people when you’re focused on MLM sponsoring? Just be yourself.

Being yourself means you don’t really care if somebody likes you or not; the right person will like you. They’ll like you because they understand and can relate to you.

People can sense a phoney a mile away, and if you’re trying to appeal to everybody, that’s exactly how you’ll be perceived.

Think about politicians. Can you really get any phonier than that?

Despite all the talk about being unique, there are people out there who are more like you than you could imagine. If you try to hide your uniqueness because you’re afraid people might be offended or not like you, you’re not letting those people who would naturally be attracted to you see how much like them you really are.

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3 Extremely Deadly MLM Secrets You Must Know

mlm secretsYou probably won’t hear this from your company or upline.

These MLM secrets aren’t taught by sponsors, and you won’t find them in your company handbook.

Yet, without these MLM strategies, you have almost zero chance of building a successful network marketing business.

MLM Secret #1: It’s not about your company or your products

The first of the MLM secrets you need to know about is quite possibly the most important. If you listen to the training from your company, you probably believe your MLM product or products are all that really matter.

All you have to do is to share your products with others, and they will just magically buy them and join your business. Tell your family and friends, throw parties, and watch your profits soar.

Don’t get me wrong; the effectiveness of your products is very important. So is the reputation and compensation plan of your company. But that’s not the main thing.

MLM secrets that will really make your business take off are barely taught. What are these MLM secrets? If it’s not about your company or products, then what is it about?

Your real product is you. You are the real reason people join your business. Regardless of what you’re told, people don’t join your company, they join you.

If that’s the case, then you’ve got to make yourself the best product you possibly can. This means you’ve got to study.

Two of the best MLM secrets that your sponsor or company won’t tell you about are Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard and the Renegade Network Marketer by Ann Sieg.

Together, these books are a must for any beginning network marketer. If you’re looking for a free resource, check out my free ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects.”

MLM Secret #2: Hang around successful people

If you’re not successful, a big reason for that is probably the company you keep. Yes, it’s more comfortable hanging with your friends, but are you learning how to be successful?

This is one of those MLM secrets that seems subtle, but is very powerful. We usually pick up the habits and thought patterns of the people we associate with.

If you practice the same habits that successful people have, then eventually your life will change for the better. If you do what the successful people do, eventually you will have what the successful people have.

What can you do, though, if there are no successful people to hang out with? Simple. Surround yourself with books written by successful people.

One of the most effective MLM secrets I can give you is that reading books by successful people can be almost as powerful as direct contact with a real person.

MLM Secret #3: Your comfort zone is the dead zone

The truth is, nothing happens until you get off your butt and do something. You can learn and talk about all the MLM secrets and techniques, you want. You can throw the term “Attraction Marketing” around like you really know what it means.

But without action, your life is going to stay pretty much the way it is right now.

Most of this action, by the way, is outside the bounds of what you feel comfortable doing. If it feels unnatural to you, good. That’s the way it’s supposed to feel.

Cold calling is an example. I recommend you do it on a regular basis. Why? Can you really recruit people that way?

Well, yes, you can. Lots of network marketers look at cold calling as one of the ultimate MLM secrets that can make you rich.

I tried cold calling. In fact, I called over 300 people a week for over 90 days. Guess how many people I recruited.


But, it was a very uncomfortable experience at first. I say at first, because there came a point where it became very comfortable. I had to push myself to that point.

I stopped making cold calls, not because I felt uncomfortable doing it, but because it started to feel like a waste of my time. I was convinced I could spend my time more productively.

Still, I recommend cold calling, at least for a while. You’ll be surprised how it can build your confidence.

Another of the MLM secrets for breaking out of your comfort zone is to learn about technology.

I’m amazed at the number of people who say they’re “technologically challenged” like they should get a badge for it or something.

The world is changing. If you don’t keep up with the latest tools and tricks, you’re going to get left behind.

Then I always hear the argument, “But network marketing is a people business.” Yes, it is. And where are you going to connect with more likeminded people – in the grocery store checkout line, or on Facebook?

I rest my case. If you don’t know about things like capture pages, autoresponders, or blogs, I’d suggest you get busy and learn right away.

Some people, however, use these MLM secrets to go the opposite direction, and never talk to anybody directly, or even on the phone.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. If you think you’re going to build a huge downline without talking to anybody, you’re fooling yourself.

If you find yourself thinking this way, my advice would be to practice striking up conversations with complete strangers. This can be anywhere.

You don’t even necessarily have to talk about your business. Just walk up to somebody you don’t know and ask them a question, or make a comment.

You can also do this on online. Find a random Facebook or Twitter friend, and just say, “Hi, how’s it going?” It’s a great way to connect.

I’ve even talked to some MLM rockstars this way. I find them to be extremely approachable, and helpful.

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Do You Need An MLM Coach?

mlm coachI’ll be honest here. When I first got involved in MLM, I thought my sponsor was supposed to be my MLM coach.

Then, when I recruited people into my downline, I tried to be their MLM coach.

Man, what a disaster that was!

The truth is, the success of your business is not dependent on your sponsor, or anyone else in your upline. It’s entirely up to you.

You’re the one who needs to decide whether or not you need an MLM coach. What are the benefits of coaching?

Well, first of all, you’ve got a mentor. Somebody who has been where you are and has overcome the hurdles you now face.

Not only that, but your MLM coach can be your friend. And, if you’re like me, you need all the friends you can get who are sympathetic to the fact that you’re a network marketer.

When your coworkers, friends, and even your wife tell you you’re wasting your time and money, it’s awesome to have somebody around in the know who tells you you’re not.

In that sense, having an MLM coach pretty much saved my life.

Especially when you’re just starting out in MLM, there are so many questions that nobody seems to be able to answer. The reason for that is that there are so many ways to market your business.

What works for your sponsor might not work for you at all. So, in a very real sense, you’re on your own.

An MLM coach can identify where your strengths are, and can help you capitalize on them. Do you suck at cold-calling leads from a list? No problem. You can focus on generating your own leads online.

Is your budget a problem? An effective MLM coach can help you find free and inexpensive ways to generate targeted leads for your business.

The first question my MLM coach asked me was, “Why would anybody want to do business with you?”

It took me a while to figure out what he was getting at. The truth was, I had no value at that time. I knew next to nothing about lead generation, building relationships, or how to train someone after I recruited them.

Mind you, my MLM coach didn’t just come out and tell me what I needed to do. He asked me questions so that I could figure that out all on my own.

Another positive about having an MLM coach is accountability. This always reminds me of when I was in the US Army.

In basic training, I was terribly out of shape. The first day the Drill Sergeant said we were going to run two miles, I just knew there was no way on this planet that I could run that far.

After we started running, however, some of the heavier guys started dropping out. When they did, about ten Drill Sergeants pounced on them like fresh meat in the water. I was terrified.

I ran two miles that day, and every day thereafter.

Your MLM coach, while not a Drill Sergeant, will insist you take certain steps. If you show up to your coaching session and you haven’t completed your weekly tasks, he might decide not to waste his time with you any further.

That’s more of a motivator than you can imagine.

I found that having an MLM coach lessened my learning curve, and helped me to reach my goals faster.

It seemed there was almost nothing he didn’t know about, and I looked at him as a trusted advisor and friend.

My MLM coach taught me how to attract others to me. He made me understand that others needed what I was offering much more than I needed them to join my business.

Once I positioned myself like this, I found my phone ringing more and more, people wanting to know more about me and my business.

If you’d like to know a system of attracting others to you like this, fill out the form below and you’ll get immediate access to my free ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects.”

5 Simple MLM Strategies For Exploding Your Business

mlm strategiesI was exhausted.

You see, I studied online MLM strategies, online marketing techniques, attraction marketing . . . You name it. I knew all the right things to do.

Yet, when I put this stuff into practice, none of it worked. Well, OK, I did sell an ebook or two, and generated some leads. But I didn’t even come close to getting the money back that I had put into the courses I’d bought.

Ironically, I found a free ebook that was called, “Simple MLM Strategies.” I can’t even remember who wrote it, but it taught me a lot about building my business using online techniques.

One of the most basic MLM strategies for building your business online is listbuilding. You might have even heard it said that “The money is in the list.”

Well, that’s not entirely true. The money is in your relationship to your list. Still, listbuilding is one of the essential MLM strategies you’ll need to master if you’re going to build your business online.

So, how do you build a list?

There are two basic ways to build a list. The first way is easier, but it does cost money. The second way costs little or no money, but it takes longer to build your list.

The easiest and fastest way to build a list is to advertise. Yes, this is one of those MLM strategies that does cost money, but it will get you where you want to go faster. What kind of advertising should you use to attract MLM prospects?

Paid MLM Strategies – Pay Per Click

Most network marketers use pay per click advertising when using paid MLM strategies like this. This means using Google Adwords or Yahoo Paid Search, although a lot of marketers are now turning to Facebook advertising.

The main benefit of using pay per click is that it is fast. You can have a campaign up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Paid MLM Strategies – Solo Ads

The next of the paid MLM strategies for building a list is solo ads. A solo ad is simply an ad that you send to a list that someone else built. Typically, the list you’re using is that of an MLM ezine, which can send your ad to thousands of subscribers.

You can search Warrior Forum for lists to send your solo ad. There are various services that specialize in sending solo ads, some are better than others.

One of my favorites is Top Surfer. I’ve generated quite a few leads and sales by sending solo ads through them.

If you have some extra upfront money, one of the most effective MLM strategies using solo ads is by joining Virul Url. Viral Url is a list builder that acts like a solo ad. It’s kind of like an MLM secret these days.

You can send your ad to around 6,000 subscribers every three days, depending on your membership level. This is an extremely effective way to build your list. I know some marketers who have 3 or 4 Viral Url accounts and post to them every chance they get. These guys have built huge lists this way, and have dramatically increased their MLM sponsoring.

Other Paid MLM Strategies

There are some lesser effective MLM strategies such as safelists and traffic exchanges. While these have a free component, unless you have loads of free time, I wouldn’t seriously consider using them. I’ve done it, and I can tell you firsthand the results you’ll receive from them are not worth it. There are many more effective ways to produce MLM income.

Free MLM Strategies – Blogging

On the other hand, if you have more time than money, I’d suggest going another route. Instead of submitting to safelists and surfing traffic exchanges for hours at a time, why not set up a blog and do this thing right?

A blog is one of those MLM strategies that all the successful network marketers use. It’s your storefront on the internet. It’s also sometimes called your nerve center, and I’ll explain why.

Before you can generate interest in you or your MLM business, you need to be able to provide value to others. How do you do this?

Well, your blog posts should contain information that others consider valuable. Considering that your target market should be other network marketers, you should teach others what you’ve learned.

Obviously, before you can do this you have to study yourself. I’d recommend starting with Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring or Ann Sieg’s The Renegade Network Marketer. Both resources will give you years of material for blog posts.

Also, you need to have an opt in form on your blog, similar to mine on the upper right of this page. Those who opt in will receive something valuable from you, like a free ebook, video series, or report.

This giveaway should be of the highest quality. Why? I mean after all, they’re getting it for free, right?

If your giveaway doesn’t help them solve a problem, they probably won’t be interested in anything else you have to offer, either, including your business opportunity.

When they fill out the form, you now have their contact information, and can market to them at will. Be careful with this, however. I will be discussing in a future post about the proper etiquette for communicating with your list.

Free MLM Strategies – Articles and Videos

Honestly, if you just set up a blog and don’t do much with it, you’re probably not going to see much happen. There are actions you’ve got to take to drive traffic to your blog. Two of the most potent are articles and videos.

When you write an article, I would suggest you submit it to It’s the largest and most effective article submission site by far. At the bottom of the article, there is what is known as an “author resource box.”

This is where you put your “sales pitch,” along with the link to your blog. Again, be careful with this. I will cover the correct way to do this in a future post.

The benefits of writing and submitting articles are twofold. First, people who wouldn’t have been exposed to your any other way are now reading your stuff, which brands you as the expert. Second, the link going back to your site ranks you higher in the search engines.

Video marketing is similar to articles, but there are many more effective sites to submit your videos to. Probably the best known is YouTube. A major benefit from video is people feel like they know you more when they see you or hear your voice.

Also, with videos, you attach a link in the description portion which, again, causes you to rank higher in the search engines, not to mention if someone likes what they see, hear, or read, they’re more likely to visit your blog and opt in to your list.

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Online MLM Secrets: What Not To Do

online mlmMy friend Andre’s world crashed.  At least that’s what he told me on the phone last Wednesday.

“I’m so pissed!,” he said.  “I’ve been to every meeting we’ve had (meaning his upline).  I told everybody I knew about my business.  Most people wanted nothing to do with it.”

There was a brief pause.  Then . . .

“Today my sponsor quit.  She just quit the business!  Damnit, I trusted her.  What do you think I should do?”

Before I could answer, Andre said, “I’m thinking about joining you and your business.  Yours is an online MLM, isn’t it?  Can you tell me about it?”

What would you do?  At this point, I know a lot of marketers would jump at the chance to sign Andre into their business.  I didn’t, though.

Why not?

Well, Andre’s upline sucked.  Not his company.  In fact, I know his company is one of the best out there.  I even learned some advanced online mlm marketing techniques from one of their distributors.

And, this would violate my own personal code of ethics, on two fronts.  First, I despise program-hopping, and discourage it every chance I get.  If you’re in a good company, stay there.

Second, I don’t feel comfortable recruiting people from other companies.  And usually, their failure is not the company’s fault.  If they didn’t work the business correctly in their old company, what makes me think they’d do well with mine?

If you’re not getting the support you need from your upline, find it elsewhere.  Preferably, get some online MLM training.  But don’t quit your company.

Anyway, here’s what I said to Andre when he asked about joining my company:

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.  I think you need to keep your focus where it is, but look at some alternative ways to market your business, maybe utilize some online MLM marketing techniques.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, how are you marketing your business right now?”

“I’ve been calling leads I bought.”

“How’s that working?”

“It’s not.”

“Do you have a blog?”


I went to Andre’s blog and, just like I suspected, all it talked about was his company and products.  I doubt there was an original article on the whole site.

Since he was asking, I gave Andre some online MLM marketing tips, but they didn’t sink in right away.  He said they didn’t make sense.

He had trouble understanding that when you’re using online MLM techniques, you don’t promote your primary business directly.

In fact, you initially promote a free report or ebook.  I might as well have been speaking Martian, because it was obvious this whole concept of online MLM business promotion was foreign to him.

You see, Andre had been taught, like most network marketers, to just blather on to everybody you see about your company.

This is a huge mistake.

In fact, there are a few stages in your online MLM sales funnel you want to walk your prospect through.

When you give away your free report or ebook, you now have the prospect’s contact information.  The next step in the process is to promote to them, via email, another product, but this one costs around $20 or so.

Why?  Because if a prospect is willing to fork over $20, you can bet he or she trusts you, at least a little.  And, since people do business they know, like and trust, there’s an excellent chance they’ll buy something else from you, or maybe even join your business.

It’s at this point that I usually start promoting a more expensive product through my MLM online sales funnel, usually between $75 and $150.  I also begin to indirectly promote my primary company to them at this point.

I’m now helping Andre set up his MLM online sales funnel, and I think he’s beginning to understand.

If you’d like to know more about how to set up your own MLM online sales funnel, enter your information in the form below, and you’ll have access to my free ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects.”

The Tom Brady Method of Marketing Your Homebased Business

homebased businessI watched the football game between the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49er’s last night.

Tom Brady, the Patriots’ quarterback impressed me.

Even though they were down 28-3, Brady never lost his composure. Where younger, lesser experienced quarterbacks would be visibly whining on the sidelines, Brady remained solid.

When the Patriots mounted a rally in the 4th Quarter, it looked like they were going to make a huge comeback and win. Everyone from the announcers to the players on the field, it seemed, turned to Brady.

His offense almost revered him, while San Francisco’s defense felt fear, especially after the comeback began.

Brady himself never changed. Warming up on the sidelines, his focus remained fixed on playing the best game he could. He didn’t have to tell anyone that. It was obvious.

Brady is the kind of guy people would follow into combat. He’s what we would call an Alpha. We just feel he naturally makes the right moves, and anybody close to him benefits from the experience.

You need this mindset when marketing your homebased business. Without it, it’s impossible to build trust with others. Honestly, the only true entrepreneurs out there are Alphas. Everyone else is just faking it.

To attract others to you, which is a must if your homebased business is to succeed, you have to offer value to others. In the past, physical strength was enough, so our ancient ancestors flocked around the biggest, strongest male for protection.

In your homebased business, your value is knowledge. Your first task is to acquire that knowledge, then give it away to others. You do this with articles, blog posts, and videos.

But being an Alpha takes more than just knowledge.

To attract others to you and your homebased business, you’ve got to have the right attitude. What am I talking about?

Well, you’re not begging anybody to buy your stuff or join your business. You don’t waste your precious time with people who are negative, or who have no interest in joining your business.

You call the shots. You tell others how it is. You don’t hesitate walking away from people you know would not benefit you or your homebased business.

This kind of confidence is irresistible to others.

Attraction is not a choice, and you can use this mindset to build your homebased business as big as you choose.

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How to Fail Your Way To MLM Success

mlm successA reporter once asked a very successful CEO, “How did you become so successful?”

The CEO replied, “Two words.”

“And those two words are?”

“Right decisions.”

“So, how do you make right decisions?”

“One word.”

“Which is?”


“And how do you gain experience?”

“Two words.”

“And those two words would be?”

“Wrong decisions.”

I joined my first network marketing company in 1996. I listened intently to the cassette tapes my upline gave me. I received no more training than this, other than a couple of meetings at Shoney’s with my upline.

Still, I wanted to be an MLM success more than anything. So, I did what I was told. I made my list of family and friends, and I called them up.

Man, what a fiasco that was!

After getting laughed at and ridiculed, I finally gave in and believed them when they told me, “Those pyramid things don’t work.”

I quit.

A few years later I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki which touted the huge benefits of becoming a network marketing distributor. Mr. Kiyosaki is a multimillionaire, and if he gives financial or business advice, smart people pretty much listen.

So I sought out another network marketing company. This time, however, there was this little gadget called the internet. Now, this was still before internet marketing was as huge as it is today, but there were still tools that made working your business easier.

Unfortunately, my upline wasn’t aware of those tools. He taught that the fastest way to MLM success was putting flyers on cars and cold calling. So, I did those things, too.

I mean, he was having success with them, right?

Well, I called at least 300 leads a week for about 3 months, and I got zero signups. None. Not even one.

I almost gave up again. Hearing “No” that many times can dampen almost anyone’s enthusiasm.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are those who thrive on this kind of marketing. And honestly, it works for some people. In fact, I know several who have had enormous MLM success using nothing but cold calling and warm marketing techniques.

I’m not one of those.

For me, there’s more to life than looking at your phone and feeling that sick feeling you get when you know you’re about to get hung up on, cussed, and told repeatedly, “Please take me off your list!”

Is this really necessary to become an MLM success story?

Fortunately for me, no. You see, I poked around online a bit and found this thing called “attraction marketing.” This just means that you put yourself in a position where people who are looking for what you’re offering naturally find you, instead of you hunting them down.

Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

So, when I started using these attraction marketing techniques, did I become an instant MLM success story? Hardly. In fact, when I first tried it, I failed miserably.

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, but it felt like I was on the right track this time. My upline, of course, was absolutely no help at all. It was obvious I was going this alone.

I bought more courses on attraction marketing and kept tweaking my strategies. Still I kept falling on my face. Nothing I was doing was getting me any closer to becoming an MLM success.

Slowly, however, I started gaining some momentum. I got my hands on a course (a very expensive one) that struck a chord with me. From that experience, I was able to develop a very simple system that, if I followed it every day brought me a predictable result.

Those results soon multiplied.

Can you just plug into this system and become an immediate MLM success, a rock star? Absolutely not. This takes a lot of work.

And, if you’re like me, you’ll fail more times than you can count before you see any success. That’s just the nature of the beast.

But this is true with MLM success, regardless of how you attain it. You can focus on dialing, dealing with rejection, talking to your family and friends about your business, or you can do it this way.

If you fill out the form below, you’ll get immediate access to my free ebook, “7 Secrets to Attracting Prospects,” which will teach you some of the lessons I learned from my own studies and experiences.

Why Your Network Marketing System Doesn’t Work

network marketing systemA long time ago an emperor lived whose only love was fine clothing. He loved to strut about the village, showing off all his new outfits to the villagers, who were quite poor.

One day, the emperor stumbled upon two men who claimed that they could make a suit out of the most beautiful material on the planet. This cloth was special, in that it was invisible to anyone who was impure of heart.

Upon hearing this, the emperor was both excited and terrified. He was excited because, of course he wanted a fine suit made of beautiful material. Scared, because he wasn’t sure he was pure of heart.

What if the material was invisible to him?

So he sent two of his trusted aides to view the material first. Neither would admit they saw nothing, so praised the material as being the most beautiful they had ever seen.

By this time, all the villagers had also heard of the cloth, and were interested in learning how impure their neighbors were.

The emperor then had a suit made of the cloth, and wore this suit in a procession through the village, never admitting that he wasn’t pure enough to see what he was wearing. What would the villagers think? Surely he’d lose his crown!

All the villagers raved at the beauty of the emperor’s new suit, all unwilling to admit they saw nothing. It was then a small child loudly proclaimed: “The emperor has no clothes!”

The crowd began to whisper amongst themselves, and the emperor felt they may be right, but kept the procession going nonetheless.

Why is this story relevant to the failure of your network marketing system? Well, keep in mind that more than 95% of the people in network marketing are failing.


Is it because you’re stupid and can’t follow the directions of your upline? No. It’s because you’re being told the wrong information.

Your network marketing system won’t work if it doesn’t get you talking to targeted, qualified individuals on a regular basis. Are the leads you buy from your lead company really qualified to start a business?


Is your Uncle Ted someone you can picture in your downline? Why then are you constantly being told to hound these people about your business?

Does your network marketing system dictate that you splash your link all over Facebook and Twitter? How’s that working for you?

You see, you’re not the only one failing by using this network marketing system. The problem is not you, it in the system.

Now, you’re not going to be able to tell who’s failing on your team, because everybody puts up the best front, just like the villagers in the above story. But trust me, if you’re doing the same thing as everybody else and you’re failing, they are, too.

At some point, you’ve got to realize that the emperor truly has no clothes, and if you keep using the network marketing system you’re currently using, you’re going to waste a lot of time and a lot of money.

You probably have already.

Is there really a network marketing system that will get you face to face with interested, qualified, and targeted people? You bet there is.

The trick is by getting them to come to you.

I understand this is the opposite of what your current network marketing system teaches, which is to “go out and get ‘em,” but this one really works.

You work this system by giving away content. Not only does this brand you as a leader and an expert, it also attracts people to you like crazy.

And don’t be fooled . . . Only the leaders are the ones making the big bucks in network marketing. These are the teachers, the ones giving the lectures and seminars.

What some would call the “Alpha marketers.”

The good news is that you can learn to develop the needed skills to become an Alpha. Or, you can keep making those dials, hounding poor Uncle Ted, and getting the same results you’ve been getting.

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A Trekkie’s Guide To The Final Network Marketing Prospecting Frontier

network marketing prospectingI love Star Trek.

Especially the Next Generation. Jean Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher, and Commander Data were my heroes, and I still draw on their teachings.

They’ve taught me a lot, in fact about network marketing prospecting.

I remember an episode where Captain Picard unfairly berated a young female cadet. Despite her efforts to make things right with Jean Luc, he continually lashed out at her.

She couldn’t figure out what she had done to make the Captain hate her so bad.

One day, Lieutenant Worf was training her in the dojo at hand-to-hand combat. He told her he would teach her a new fighting style and blindfolded her.

He then beat the crap out of her.

The young, but sharp, cadet took his abuse for a while, then stopped and took off her blindfold.

“Why did you stop?” Demanded Worf.

“This is unfair, and pointless.”

“Is this the first time you’ve been treated poorly and without just cause?” Worf then left the room.

The cadet understood the lesson.

Network Marketing Prospecting is not that much different than this.

The next time Picard started doing his thing, she confronted him. For example, on one of Picard’s tirades, he made the remark, “I don’t know how you even ended up on my ship!” During this confrontation, the cadet replied, “No member of this crew is here without your approval, Sir!”

At being confronted, Picard backed down. “I know exactly why you’re on the Enterprise, Cadet. I specifically requested you.”

As it turns out, Picard’s abuse was a test. The cadet was being primed for an extremely dangerous mission, and Picard wanted to be sure she was up for it.

She passed.

Do you ever feel like the cadet when your upline tells you to keep doing the same old things? I know I did.

For 6 months straight my network marketing prospecting consisted of making at least 50 dials a day, 5 days a week.

Usually, I made more than that. I spent thousands of dollars.

How many people did I recruit? Zero.

Now, you could say that I just wasn’t saying the right thing, but I used scripts from the best in the business. I called and called and well, if you’ve done this, you know pretty much how it went.

Most don’t even answer the phone. I got so used to the computer voice telling me, “We’re sorry. There’s no one available to take your call.”

Then I would talk to the lady who had 10 screaming kids in the background, and the young punk who was just so cool . . .

It took me 6 months, but I finally asked, “What am I doing? Surely there’s got to be a better way. This feels like such a waste of time.”

I was able to channel my inner Mr. Spock who told me, “Network marketing prospecting like this is highly illogical.”

Now, to be fair, this method of network marketing prospecting obviously does work . . . for some people. But it definitely doesn’t work for me.

Understand that, I’m not afraid to get on the phone and call prospects. I was at first, but that fear goes away after your first 200 dials or so.

I also didn’t mind working hard. I would literally do whatever it takes to succeed. It’s just that nobody taught me a system that works for me.

I asked myself why I was spending so much time talking to these losers who obviously would never join my business in the first place.

If you’ve been around this industry any time at all, you’ve probably heard that upwards of 95% of us are failing in our businesses. The reason is simple: That 95% is being taught network marketing prospecting methods that just don’t work.

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What Wal Mart and Pneumonia Taught Me About Network Marketing

pneumoniaI seriously thought I was dying.

At the time, I worked full-time for a major retailer. I stocked shelves all night long.

I had taken a week off work because a good friend of mine who had recently returned from Iraq was threatening suicide. Not only did I worry about him, but his wife and twin daughters also.

They lived in Texas.

“He’s got his gun and he’s drinking again,” his wife told me over the phone. “He won’t listen to anybody but you.”

When I talked with my friend, he said he needed to see me. Bad. I knew what I had to do. So, I called work, told them I needed a week, packed a bag, and hit the road.

I managed to diffuse the Texas situation, but when I got back home, I wasn’t feeling so good. I slept all that night, and the following day.

When I got up to go to work that night, every part of my body hurt. When my feet hit the floor, this throbbing radiated from my soles up through the rest of my body. I also ran a fever. Even my fingernails ached.

I called work to tell them I wouldn’t be in yet another night.

“If you miss tonight, don’t bother coming in tomorrow night, either,” my supervisor said. The obvious meaning of his words seared my soul.

Have you been there? Do you know what I was feeling?

As bad as I felt, I had bills to pay. I liked to eat, and the prospect of homelessness didn’t appeal to me much.

So I went to work.

It’s funny how we lie to ourselves, just so we can tolerate our misery. For example, I always told myself I liked most of the people I worked with, that most of them were good people stuck in a crappy job.

This night opened my eyes.

With two notable exceptions, I realized I hated being around all of them. Their bitching and moaning about their pitiful little lives made me want to punch them in the face.

When my supervisor asked if I’d finish my three pallets tonight, I said nothing. Well, not with words, anyway. I’m sure he was able to interpret my glower.

I finished my pallets.

My friend Bill asked if I was going to the doctor when I got off work.

“I can’t afford it. I’m just going to go home, have some chicken noodle soup, drink a lot of water, and sleep all day.”

That’s exactly what I did.

I went to work the next night, still feeling like each breath would be my last. I must have looked horrendous; even a couple of customers asked if I was OK.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I’m feeling better, managed to keep my job, but still realize I hate my situation. I couldn’t hide it from myself anymore.

Then I cut my hand on an broken jar of spaghetti sauce, and had to go to the hospital. The cut required 6 stitches. But that wasn’t the best part.

The ER did a routine chest X-ray, and told me I had full-blown pneumonia. They wanted to admit me on the spot. I told them my situation, how I felt two weeks earlier, but I felt most of it was gone by now.

The doctor told me to come back if any of those symptoms reappeared. They didn’t.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, as a network marketer, I don’t have to go to work with pneumonia anymore. If my friend needs me, I can pack up the car and go without having to report to anybody.

But that’s not the best part . . .

What I love the most about being a full-time network marketer is that I don’t have to tolerate people I can’t stand. I don’t have to lie to myself, just to tolerate their presence. If I don’t want to be around you, trust me, I’m not going to be.

Today, I surround myself with positive, uplifting people who focus on bettering themselves and those around them who want to better themselves also.

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