2 Secret Online MLM Tips Only Killer Penguins Know About

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We all know penguins are cute and cuddly, wobbling and slipping and sliding all over the Antarctic.

I’ll be you didn’t know they were only pretending. When they dive underwater, they become vicious, heartless predators, striking terror in krill and other smaller fish alike.

I’m about to give you some MLM tips that, if you use these effectively, you can “crush it” in your business, just like a penguin crushes its prey.

Remember back in the early days of internet marketing, where people thought just putting up a website would bring your tons of business?

And most of these websites weren’t blogs – static sites that just sat there and did nothing day in and day out.

The first time I discovered blogging, I just thought it was a cool way to keep a journal on the internet. I honestly didn’t see the value as far as building a business.

My upline gave me a few MLM tips about email, but it didn’t really seem like a viable option, either. I just figured that everyone who got an email trying to sell them something deleted it immediately, just like I did.

Social media was a foreign term. About the closest we had back then was chat rooms which, when not properly moderated, became a medium for obnoxious kids to type the F word 217 times, which slowed down the load time for everyone in the room.

And most of us were still using dial-up!

My how things have changed. These mediums today can be used to build your business bigger than any of us back in the day would have dreamed.

Yet, with all the potential out there, and with access to tons of MLM tips and tricks, so many people are just doing it plain wrong. I’m reminded of this every time I see a link plastered all over Facebook and Twitter.

Or when someone I’ve just met on Facebook asks me to check out their link.

I could ramble on and on about how people need to educate themselves about the right way to market their business, but I’m going to contribute to the solution and give you some MLM tips that really work.

Today we’ll focus on blogging.

Learning the power of MLM tips like blogging takes a little time. So many times, I get asked by people, “But what do you write about? Don’t you ever run out of ideas?”

MLM Tips #1: Provide Value to Your Reader

When considering value-oriented MLM strategies like blogging, I find that if my mission is to serve my readers, there is a ton of stuff I can write about.

Let me put it this way: If you have trouble teaching people what you know about MLM lead generation, posturing while on the phone, or training your downline, the most effective of the MLM tips I can give to you would be to get to work on yourself.

Buy courses on these subjects, learn them, and then teach them to others.

MLM Tips #2: Write the Way You Talk

Then I get the argument, “But I’m just not a good writer.”

That, quite honestly, is a HUGE cop-out. Let me ask you a question: Can you talk? When you engage your vocal chords and form your lips and tongue in a certain way, do words come out?

If so, then put them down on paper. Effective writing, you see, doesn’t impress; it teaches. If you can write the same way you talk, your readers will understand you much better than if you were trying to be another Hemingway.

If you learn nothing from these MLM tips, learn this: Be yourself.

Tomorrow we’ll explore this a little further, and talk more about building relationships and getting more readers to your blog. Until then, stay away from those evil penguins.

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